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Supernatural TorontoCon 2011

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 28, 2011, 11:20 AM
~ P H A N T O M - C H I C K ~

At the beginning of this month, my two best friends and I went to the first annual Salute to Supernatural Toronto Convention. It was... indescribable, and I thought I'd share my experience with you all.


We arrived  early and checked into our hotel with just enough time to catch the last half of Matt Cohen’s panel. We walked  in, and I was struck by how handsome he was. Pictures do not do him justice. He wasn’t even on stage. The man was walking up and down the aisles with a mic and handing it to fans so they could ask their questions. Considering we only could afford weekend passes and had to sit at the back of the room, that was really something for us. He was the sweetest, funniest thing.

Afterward, we dashed off to the vendors room and purchased a few goodies. I got me a SPN Charm bracelet with a pie, sigil, Impala, Samulet, and Dad’s journal charms. I got a “Driver Picks the Music” coffee travel mug. I got a “Touched by Castiel” t-shirt, and my very own  Samulet (which I am still wearing).

We crashed on some amazing rocking chairs in one of the little seating areas in the hotel, only to have Matt freaking Cohen walk by us.  Our reply was a (surprisingly calm) “Oh my gosh, it’s Matt Cohen!”, which resulted in him doing a little dance for us. He complimented our rocking chairs and told us to rock hard for him. We did.

Later that night, the girls and I walked back to our hotel and changed into our 60’s gear for Karaoke. I mean, we went FULL OUT. And we  knew Richard and Matt would appreciate the costumes. Once we returned to the hotel that was hosting the convention, we all gathered in the hotel bar because it was showing the third episode of Supernatural. A woman who came all the way from Boston bought the ENTIRE bar chicken wings to nom while we watched together. It truly felt like a family moment.

Once the show ended, the girls and I headed to the main ballroom for Karaoke. We waited for quite a while because they were giving the Misha Cruise fans who missed Matt’s autograph that evening a chance to get it.  And when Karaoke started, we gathered to the front of the stage and belted out a good four songs… before Richard suddenly mentioned the need  for backup singers, and pulled all three of us on stage with him!

We stayed there… ALL. NIGHT. They danced with us, we sang duets, we were hugged, we talked and laughed as though we’d known each other for years, Richard brought us water! It was… unearthly. I can’t even describe it. After the show, Richard took my hand and sincerely thanked me and the girls for taking the time to dress up and make the night all the more special.

I also gave Matt Cohen my peace sign necklace. He smiled SO genuinely, like he looked honored to have it. He wore it to his photo op, and left back to LA with it.

When Karaoke ended, the girls and I were chatting it up with a few other friends, when Matt Cohen rushed by us because his flight was leaving soon. We called out a goodbye, he skidded to a halt, and though one of the women with him was telling him he needed to hurry, he took the time to hug each of us and thank us for making his night. I just… I can’t.

We didn’t get to bed until nearly 4 am that night and I REGRET NOTHING.


 Come Saturday, the girls and I were pumped for what  else this con had in store for us. They dressed in their Winchester duds while I rocked the Castiel trench coat and blue tie. We attended Richard and Traci’s panel at 10, which was hilarious. Traci had us all do this chant that only involved the words “Pudding”, “Assbut”, and “Pie”.

After the panel, we strolled outside, only to see a Goddamn IMPALA parked there. I don’t think I squeaked louder for the actors! She was absolutely stunning. I caressed her and took photos of her. Turns out, the car belonged to a fan, and Misha, Jared, and Jensen all took turns sitting inside her, and they all signed the dashboard! That was one lucky fan.

These two girls who worked for an online magazine asked us to pose in  front of the Impala so they could take shots of us for their article. They’ll send us the link by the end of the month, so once I get it, I’ll  post it here, too!

Once we retrieved our art pieces for Misha and Richard to sign from our hotel rooms, we headed back to the con, and saw a VERY familiar jogger in little orange shorts and a green t-shirt heading for us. Our reaction went as such:

“Is… is that… Misha?”

“I think that’s Misha.”

“Oh my God, it’s Misha.”


Which resulted in him giving us a great big toothy grin and a wink. Thank God he had earphones in, because my scream of utter asftredfgjknbvfgiuh would have terrified him.

His panel was right after, and the man was a tad… sweaty after his run. Um. Yeah. My ovaries suffered a great deal during this panel. He was so witty and charming. He called all the Castiel cosplayers onto the  stage with him, (including me), and he assessed all of our outfits. Guys… his eyes are BEYOND blue. Photos do not do this man justice. He is  absolutely breathtakingly stunning. He went on during his panel about how the night before he Skyped with West for the first time, and they made funny faces at each other through the computer. There was also a good few mentions of Tumblr and Dr. Who. Misha stated that he wanted Castiel to come back as a whisker on Sam’s cheek for Dean to whisper to.  THIS MAN.

I took my photo op with him right after. I strolled up, and he gave me a great big smile and a “Hi!”. My brain melted. I wanted a very serious Castiel-like pose with him, because I pretty much saw everyone else hugging him and smiling and being goofy. I wanted my stoic angel. This is how the convo went:

“Okay! So, I want a Cas pose.”

“But, I don’t know how to pose like Cas.”

“Misha… You ARE Cas.”


That sassy minx. We took the shot, which turned out AWESOME, and he thanked me and I think I may have skipped away. I was on a cloud. The autographs were later that night, and I brought Misha my drawing of him.  He stared at it and was like “Did you draw this?! HOLY SHIT.” My whole entire soul I think floated away at that point. My heart was racing and I  was shaking and he and I spoke for a few minutes. Those little crinkles  that show up at the corners of his eyes when he smiles are just utter and complete perfection.

Richard’s autograph was next, and when I came up and shoved my 60’s glasses on, he grinned HUGELY and said he remembered us from Karaoke. His back-up singers! He saw my drawing and said, “Wow! That is so damn cool!” He even gave it a little personal message before signing it. After the signings, we were all sitting in the hall outside because of how exhausted we were and when he came out of the room, we wished him goodnight and he said, “I couldn’t have picked better back-up singers. All so artistic!”

And we shamelessly watched him walk away. Those bowlegs and that cute  little butt in tight jeans? How could I resist?! He has such a swagger when he walks!

We returned to the hotel after that because we didn’t have tickets to  the cocktail party, and were pretty much tired to the point of being overly hyper. I won’t go into too much detail, but I think everyone on that damn floor heard us.


The final day. And you know how I spent most of it? Having a full on conversation with Richard Speight Jr. on Twitter. He was telling us how much he wanted us at the cocktail party with him. He missed his back-up singers. He then told us that, had we done shots, we’d probably all end up passed out on the golf course next door with only the sprinklers to wake us up. He then demanded that, come next year, we take shots with him before Karaoke. UM, YES PLEASE.

The hotel was PACKED because Jared and Jensen were there. Their private breakfast with Gold patrons was over and everyone was lined up for photo ops with them. And, um… we caved and got a photo with Jared. Jensen was already sold out, and we got the very last ticket. He is absolutely stunning in person, guys. His hair was ridiculous, he was SO tall, and he smelled incredible. I came up to him and I was just too awestruck to get anything intelligent out. You know what I said?

“Wow! You’re so tall.”

His response?

“I know!”

Smooth, Kylie. BUT, the photo went amazing. It’s adorable and I was beaming like a schoolgirl in it. The J2 panel came right after, and I don’t think I have laughed that hard in a long time. Jensen said that Dean uses Castiel’s trench coat as a pillow, now, and Jared demonstrated  by taking the beanie he was wearing and holding/rubbing it against his face while sniffing deeply. Jared was sassing the fans, and laughing hysterically at one who came dressed as a Moose and was asking him a question. He could not get the words out. Cliff also trolled their panel  by tweaking their nipples on the projector screen, and Jensen fetched a  long wooden rod from backstage to threaten him with. Jensen also discovered that his wooden rod was hollow, and proceeded to make sounds into it such as “RICOLAAAA”.

They. Are. Perfection.

After their panel, Richard came on the stage one last time, and he was as flawless as always. Julian Richings came after, and I think I fell in love with him. This was his very first Supernatural convention, and he was so nervous and had no idea what to do or expect. He was LOVELY. So gentlemanly and funny and witty. The man was adorable. I purchased an autograph ticket for him for my little brother, who is a massive fan. I told him that he was my brother’s favorite character, and  he was like “Oh, that is just too sweet!” THIS MAN CANNOT BE DEATH. HE IS MADE OF FLOWERS AND RAINBOWS AND TEA AND CRUMPETS AND UNICORNS.

I bumped into Richard one last time before he left. And I literally mean BUMPED. The man pretty much walked into me. He was at his private meet and greet and I was in the hallway outside looking to see if the line to pick up the Jared photos had shortened. I hear the faint clickity clickity of a door handle being jiggled, I turned, and the door  SWINGS open, and Richard glided out and pretty much comes nose to nose with me. He gave me a great big Mrs. Doubtfire-like “OH HELLLOOOOO.” I blushed and died and yeah. He then tweeted at me a couple times more after that, telling us that we rocked and that we better love him and that he hoped we had a blast.

I am home now. And I also found out from the Creation Entertainment team that Jared, Richard, Matt and Misha are signed up for next years Toronto Con. Know who will be joining them?

Mark A. Sheppard and Sebastian Roche.


:heart: ~ Phantom-Chick
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